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Welcome to C&C Resources for Life - Counselling and Consulting in Kamloops

C&C Resources for Life in Kamloops, British Columbia offers counselling services for grief, trauma, addictions, as well as spiritual life coaching. Our experienced team of Kamloops counsellors offer a variety of services including individual counselling, couples' and family counselling, support group facilitation, and end of life support.

Our specialty is grief counselling, although our team of counsellors has experience and knowledge within many therapeutic modalities to support our clients through difficulties they are facing. Sometimes life can feel like a struggle on your own, and that's why people seek the help of professional counsellors to get through such times and begin to thrive once again.

We at C&C Resources for Life in Kamloops look forward to hearing from you, and to co-creating a therapeutic process that meets your needs.

Grief Support

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Grief Support

... for when life changing events trigger intense feelings of loss and require major adjustments in how you function.

Trauma Counselling

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Trauma Counselling

… for when events in your life are negative, unexpected, and leave you feeling confused, overwhelmed, and powerless.

Addictions Counselling

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Addictions Counselling

... for when your desire to escape the painful emotions of loss or trauma has led you into addictive behaviours or practices.

Spiritual Life Coach

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Spiritual Life Coach

… for when you want a skilled listener to help you reflect, discern and identify the inner struggles and joys unique to your spiritual journey.

Seeking support for your journey?

At C&C Resources for Life we recognize that each person walks a healing journey that is unique to them and must engage the whole person to be truly transformative. For this reason, we have been intentional in providing a variety of options we hope will create a therapeutic process that meets your personal needs.

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Our Services

Our desire is not to tell you how you should grieve but to learn what your particular grief looks like and offer you support throughout the length of your journey. We do this through:

Client Testimonials

Having lost our first child at 7 months, family member / good friend around a year later it would have been easy to lose hope, especially with my lifelong battles with depression and anxiety. One call to C&C changed my life. They helped me find my path and provided me with tools needed to make a positive change in my life. Thank you! -Branden
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