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Having lost our first child at 7 months, family member / good friend around a year later it would have been easy to lose hope, especially with my lifelong battles with depression and anxiety. One call to C&C changed my life. They helped me find my path and provided me with tools needed to make a positive change in my life. Thank you! -Branden

Grief Workshops

Grief Workshops provide a unique and powerful opportunity for participants to experience a sense of "I'm not alone in this experience with loss." Grief Support Groups in Kamloops are provided by C&C Resources for Life to provide a way for individuals to take this journey with others who are experiencing a similar experience of loss.

Journeying together with a small group (size limited to no more than 8-10 group members) over a 6-8 week period allows each member space and time to share their story in a confidential, compassionate environment. Not only do they experience the power of storytelling, but they also benefit by contributing to the healing journey of others.

As group facilitators, we have witnessed the tremendous healing that can occur when group members encounter a level of understanding, hope and belonging within the community that is created by the support groups. Each week the group discusses an aspect of the journey with grief as it applies to the loss that the group is focussing on. Some Workshops that we have run are:

  • Climbing out of the Valley of Grief – a general group addressing the nature and emotions of grief and giving practical suggestions for mourning.
  • Transcending Divorce – a group for dealing with the grief of divorce and working through the reconstruction of life after divorce.
  • Addictions and Grief – a group that discusses the relationship between grief and addictions.
  • Moving Forward – an advanced group supporting people who have had a major loss and are ready to make decisions about restructuring their lives.
  • Anticipatory Grief and Caregiving – a group that addresses the stress and grief of caring for family members who are chronically or terminally ill.
  • Coping with the Special Griefs – a group for people who have lost a loved one to suicide, murder, drug overdose or a violent accidental death
  • Disenfranchised Grief – a group that deals with losses that are not acknowledged by society.
  • Other groups will be developed as clients express the need – such as groups for people preparing for retirement, people experiencing job losses, people facing the death of a pet.
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