Tips for Less Stressful Mornings,

Tips for Less Stressful Mornings

It’s January, and while the days are getting longer it’s still dark in Kamloops' corner of the world - which doesn’t make getting up and at ‘em any easier. One of the things that can negatively impact your entire day is having a stressful morning. Our team of Kamloops counsellors and coaches at C&C Resources for Life know that mornings are very important so we have pulled together some tips for a less stressful morning. These three tips are among some of the many ways you can get started with the positivity and good feelings you need.

Lose the Alarm

We’ve all seen it in movies, and likely experienced it, ourselves; the alarm goes off in the morning and a sleepy hand reaches out from under the warm covers to bang it into silence for another blissful nine minutes. Some people place it across the room, so that it’s a sleepy trek to silence it and wake up in the process.

From a mental health perspective, we know that waking to a loud blaring sound or jarring music can trigger a fight or flight response. Why not upgrade your wake-up routine by using a wake-up light, instead. You set a time and the light gradually grows brighter and sends slow but essential signals to your brain to stop producing melatonin and prepare your body for what's next. With so many of us having to wake up before the sun or sleeping in dark rooms, this might be a gentle nudge into a new day.

Look at your Eating Habits

What you consume and eat first thing can impact your energy levels and mood throughout the day, and even your body and mind's ability to handle stress. Reaching for coffee may be the kick you need in the morning, but it may not serve you to rely on it for energy. Caffeine can trigger your adrenaline and even increase the amount of cortisol your body secretes. Eating breakfast, especially when it’s nutrient-rich and fulfilling, can set you on a solid course for the day. Research shows that those who eat breakfast feel less anxious during challenging situations and can deal with dilemmas faster than those who skip their morning meal.

Say an Affirmation

Affirmations are verbal intentions for the day, and a message to your brain and body to do as we tell them. Think of an affirmation that resonates with you and repeat it to yourself in the morning. Maybe it’s “I am deserving of success,” or “I am light and love and my energy is magnetic,” or even, “I am enough.” Whatever affirmation speaks to you and grounds you in what you need, starting the morning saying it a few times is hugely beneficial. You can also repeat your affirmation during stressful moments and situations to aid yourself in bringing back the calm.

We hope these tips for a less stressful morning are a good start to help you out. Whether you want to ensure your children have a good morning in preparation for school or need to adjust and adapt so that you have a less stressful morning and an improved day, we hope to continue to provide useful resources and provide personalized services for all of our clients. If we can support you in creating or sustaining a routine that works for your family, then contact our Kamloops-based counsellors today for an introductory session of individual counselling!

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