Seeking Healing: Indigenous Allies


Seeking Healing:
Indigenous Allies


At C&C Resources for Life, we are Kamloops counsellors who are privileged to provide services to people of different cultures, races, ages, etc.   As we do this, we essentially form an alliance with many of our clients in their healing journeys, whether it is of loss, transition, addiction, mental health, trauma or spiritual life. 


Ally:  “a person, group or nation that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose,” (Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010)


To be effective allies, we need specialized training, hands on experience, ongoing critical self-reflection and mindfulness.  Our staff believe that it is particularly important to become skilled in responding to the unique challenges faced by First Nations populations.  Accordingly we have all completed provincially approved cultural competency training. We recognize that intergenerational trauma and systemic oppressions such as poverty, addiction and racism are complex issues. Our desire as counsellors is to come alongside individuals and communities to help and equip them with the tools needed to heal, rebuild and progress through these pains.  

We offer this support through individual counselling as well as through workshops or seminars.  We understand that grief is an overwhelming struggle for many individuals and communities.  Besides death from old age or illness, many of our Indigenous communities are repeatedly impacted by suicides, drug overdoses, and other violent deaths.  However, grief not only comes from death related losses, but also from layers of lost relationships, childhood abuse, residential schools trauma, loss of culture, loss of language, and, in many cases, loss of identity.  By understanding the overlapping, complex and sometimes disenfranchised grief that one acquires through all of these systemic and personal losses, we are able to provide a more holistic and comprehensive level of support and counselling.

Recognizing that private and specialized counseling services (grief, EMDR, OEI, substance use, etc.) are expensive to access, we are grateful for the availability of provincial funding that can support many of these individuals in accessing the assistance they need for no cost.  We welcome new clients and will consider it our privilege to become your ally in your journey towards wellness.

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