New to our team: Heidi Redl,

New to our team: Heidi Redl

It has always been a priority here at Living Bridges Therapy Collective (formerly C&C Resources for Life) to make our services accessible to all in our community. We do this by offering a sliding scale, where we can, and by mentoring and supporting practicum students, who can offer their services to clients at discounted and even pro-bono rates.

We are thrilled to be working with three such students at this time and it is our pleasure to introduce you to Heidi Redl today. Heidi will be working under the Supervision of Jolene Lindsey and is now available for sessions. You can book time with Heidi by calling our admin team at (250) 554-4747.


Here is Heidi’s story:

I am a trauma counsellor who helps people find joy and meaning in their lives after disaster has happened.  I am particularly drawn to working with people who are living with chronic disease or disability, or who are in palliative care. In 2004 I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis so I have first-hand knowledge of how suddenly one’s life can be changed by bad news or an accident. If you are overwhelmed by life circumstances and drowning in feelings of grief and loss, I understand you. I’ve been there. I’m still there. Let’s talk.

I am also always available to talk to people who love and support disabled, ill people and people who are in palliative care. You make life worth living for the disabled and ill and it takes a tremendous toll on your mental, physical and emotional health.

My preferred counselling methodology is Humanistic Existentialism. In plain language, I like to help people find the answers to the big questions: Why did this happen to me? Now what? What is my purpose in life? How do I get unstuck and move past this situation?

My past history includes working as a cattle rancher (who spent a lot of time pondering the big questions on the back of a horse), raising children, volunteering with the MS Society of Canada, working as a fitness coach (yes, a disabled fitness coach) and authoring two books: A Quiet Roar: Living with Multiple Sclerosis and Raising Janis: an autistic child grows up.  Doing research for the Raising Janis book gave me an interest in, and appreciation for, working with people on the autism spectrum and their caregivers.

Prior to tackling a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology I did an undergraduate degree in German and Russian languages and literature. I am fluent in German and welcome any excuse to keep my language skills sharp. If you want to converse with me in Russian it will be more difficult for me and will involve a lot of sign language and hand-waving on my part, but I’m game to try.

My husband Tom (my caregiver and phenomenal support person) and I have been married for 35 terrific and tumultuous years this year and we have three grown children. I am new to Kamloops and am loving living here. The people are wonderful and when it’s not forest-fire season, the weather is pretty good too.

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