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For grief support, trauma counselling, addictions counselling and/or spiritual life coaching in Kamloops, British Columbia, C&C Resources for Life is here to support you on your healing journey. Our team of experienced counsellors offer individual counselling, family and relationship counselling, group facilitation, grief workshops, and end of life support.

C&C Resources for Life is pleased to provide this collection of articles about how our practitioners may apply grief counselling and our other therapeutic modalities in a counselling session or series of sessions. We hope you enjoy the read and find what you're seeking. Please contact us at C&C for more information about how our counselling or life coaching may be of service to you.


Navigating the Effects of Trauma and Burnout Through Transformative Leadership Practices,

Navigating the Effects of Trauma and Burnout Through Transformative Leadership Practices

Tennille Phipps, RPC, MPCC, explores how we might equip our leaders to respond to the traumatic state of our world in this article for Thriveglobal.com

Q&A with Spiritual Life Coach, Dr Joyce Peasgood,

Q&A with Spiritual Life Coach, Dr Joyce Peasgood

An interview with Kamloops spiritual life coach, Dr Joyce Peasgood, about the work she does in her client sessions.

Tips for Less Stressful Mornings,

Tips for Less Stressful Mornings

Mornings can be tough - and a bad one can make the rest of your day difficult. Let our Kamloops Counselling team share a few tips for making this a productive part of the day!

Narrative Therapy: Beyond our problems,

Narrative Therapy: Beyond our problems

Gain insight into how narrative therapy works and how we use it as therapists at C&C Resources for Life

Attachment Therapy and EMDR,

Attachment Therapy and EMDR

Jillian recently completed EMDR training in Kamloops at C&C Resources for Life. Find out what she learned about this therapy and about healthy attachment.


Seeking Healing: Indigenous Allies

At C&C Resources for Life, we are Kamloops counsellors who are privileged to provide services to people of different cultures, races, ages, etc. As we do this, we essentially form an alliance with many of our clients in their healing journeys, whether it is of loss, transition, addiction, mental health, trauma or spiritual life.

Spirituality and Grief,

Spirituality and Grief

At C&C Resources for Life we believe that loss has a significant impact on every part of us, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Dr. Joyce Peasgood, of C&C Resources for Life in Kamloops, BC, shares with us her perspective on how the spiritual is affected by grief.

Grief and Childhood Experiences,

Grief and Childhood Experiences

Sometimes children experience grief in their lives. Jolene Lindsay, a social worker specializing in supporting children through grief at C&C Resources for Life in Kamloops, shares her own experiences of childhood loss as well as why supporting children through these experiences is an important service.

How We

How We're Taught to Manage Grief

Discussing the reality of how grief effects us and allowing it to be what it is without minimizing, denying, or replacing.

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